Thursday, February 5, 2009

About my stash

Sew, Mama, Sew! want to know about my stash. Great, let's go:

What do you usually sew?
Patchwork goodies, quilts and housewares.
When you shop for fabric, what size cuts do you usually buy? (i.e. If you see something beautiful, but you don’t have a use for it right away, how much do you buy?)
I buy half a yard and later I am mad at me because I didn't buy more.
Do you buy on impulse or do you go out looking for something you need?
Looking for something I what???
Are you a pre-washer?
Yes, but still wondering if it's a good idea... I wash them as soon as they get home.
Do you iron it?
Yes, I would love a new iron!!!
How do you sort it? (color, print size, collection, etc.)
By color. I have a bunch of clear plastic shoe boxes : one is for my green prints, one is for my solid greens, one is for my blue prints, one is for my solid blues, and so on. Even my scraps are sorted by color.
Do you have any special folding techniques?
Not really, as long as it fits in my boxes.
How do you store your fabric?
All my plastic boxes are stacked in one corner of the room. But I would like to buy shelves soon.
What tips do you have for building up a well-rounded stash?
Load your credit card!
When do you say enough is enough?
When do I say what is what?
What are some of your favorite stash-busting projects?
Hey! I've spent so much money and time to build my stash.. now you want me to bust it up?? Ok, ok, I would do an awesome quilt, a Grandmother Flower Garden Quilt. Click here to see more.
Do you have a current favorite print in your stash?
A favorite? Only one?? Are you crazy???
Ok, Ok, maybe this one:
What’s your definition of the perfect stash?
It should look like a chromatic circle and makes your heart goes boom boom.


Danielle , Alberta, Canada said...

I'm feeling less and less guilty as I read all these stach posts...Not sure if that a good thing or not ;O) Thanks for sharing. Danielle

ilovebabyquilts said...

Wow, we have the same favorite print! I just got my yard of the same pear fabric, but in the red/orange colorway.

I made a grandmother's flower garden too, it's a couple pages back on my blog if you want to see it.

Nicole said...

Doesn't the first picture already look so great that I would love to start diggihg in YOUR stash. LOL

Ali said...

hooray for having a massive stash I say! We should embrace it not be ashamed! I've more fabric than I'll ever need and still buying!
Long live the fat quater! Ali

Kim said...

I think we share the same stash-building technique! Grandmother's flower gardens always look so sweet, I'd love to make one of those someday. Thanks for sharing your stash!

Erin said...

I think I'd give up a few teeth or months off my life for that kind of quilty stash. Delicious!

Unknown said...

What is the brand of the clear containers? The ones I find are opaque not clear. I really need these clear containers. Dixie in NY state